Wednesday, September 9, 2009

my happyness

Lately it feels like i have been the happiest i have ever been. I don't have any real complaint or troubles. My life goes smoothly (for the most part) and i see my life moving ahead with all the hopes i have for myself! I am able to handle the little stresses much better these days without totally breaking down. it's weird there are times where i know that i would normally freak out and then i am shocked when i find myself not freaking out!

Lately i have been super happy but i have been invaded with people and thoughts of stress and unhappiness. i would say that others people's feeling are what have been my biggest stress lately. i find myself feeling almost guilty for being so happy while others seems so unhappy. i find myself trying to find some way to solve their problems so that they are able to experience even a little bit of the happy, pretty much stress free life i have. I am slowly learning that nothing i can do will be able to make people happy in their lives and the only thing i can do is be a friend and listen and have fun with the times we have together.

Sometimes i wonder why people continue on the paths that make them unhappy. it seems to me if you are unhappy you should take a proactive way of making it better. Maybe i am becoming an loud mouth activist on depression and seeking therapy but when i was unhappy, depressed, stressed out i couldn't live with it. i couldn't see myself being unhappy and moody forever so i did what i could to change that as fast as i possibly could. i see so many people who could get help but don't. i don't know if it is not wanting to admit that they are unhappy or that they don't think it will help but i wish i could just fix everything for everyone.

OK well enough of this depressing post. Lets go on with our days and enjoy the little things. Some of the little things i have loved so far today are: the sun peering through my window brightening my house, saying i love you to mat when he left for work, saying hello to optimuscupcake on twitter, the memory foam mattress pad we have on our bed, the feeling that i am actually losing the weight i have been working to lose, the excitement for the batchelorette party i am throwing on Saturday for my dear friend Laura, and the thought of the mini weight watchers pizzas for lunch!

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