Friday, September 4, 2009

dancing, drinking and laying by the lake

Well i was going to do a blog post for each even that happened last week but you know what i got tired. So i am combining the last few events into one post. Thursday we went out to Cow girls inc. It was our first time bringing Debbie out to a bar/club since she has discovered she likes drinking so it was a fun night! This girl used to hate going out and the crowds and the "bar scene" but we got a few drinks in her and we had her dancing on the stage! I'm pretty sure she really enjoyed herself too. It is so nice to see Debbie enjoying like and having fun. sometimes when she is down she can't seem to enjoy anything so to see her happy is a really nice thing.

It was also our last night out with just us girls before Laura's wedding. I mean we do still have the batchelorette party that I'm throwing in a week but that will have tons of girls with us (about 15 in total) so it was nice to have a night out that was just us before she ties the knot! She just loves to dance when she drinks and it is so much fun to watch her because she can be kinda held back in real life lol. She also LOVES to ride the bull so we rode it twice. She really didn't wanna fall off the second time around and tried with all her might to stay on and ended up with a HUGE bruise inside her thigh. It was pretty scary looking really.

On Saturday we all headed up to Laura's trailer to enjoy the very last bit of summer we had to hold onto. it was nice to get up there and just relax by the fire and then on Sunday we had amazing weather! We woke up to fog but it burned off and left us with bright sun and 80 degrees of warmth. Debbie discovered that she loves the Sea Doos just about as much as Tara does. Her exact words were "This is the funnest thing i have ever done!" I went on the Sea Doos for a bit but i really enjoyed just laying on a floaty in the water. but am i paying for that now! i got so sunburned and my face is peeling A LOT. I'm happy we were able to soak but that last bit of sun before the cloudy skies move it for MONTHS

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