Friday, September 4, 2009

Friendship is only a block away

Well i am glad and well bursting with happiness to announce that my girls (Tara and Kristin) are all moved into their apartment only about two blocks from my home! It is really fun that they have moved together since they have both been my best friends forever! It is so nice to be able to have my friends end up being close friends together. it is really hard to have many different groups of friends.... i much prefer everyone to be friends with everyone.

We did the big move... about a week and a half ago (yeah i know i am ssoooo slow that blogging these days) We started early in the morning (i had to drive the u-haul of course) it went amazingly fast and easy but we did end up filling the entire 16 foot truck and three cars. these girls have A LOT of stuff! The hard part was unpacking it all and finding room for all their stuff!

i took on the duty of unpacking their kitchen for them and i have to say i think i did a pretty good job. of course i don't know if they would tell me if they moved things around after i was done. They have an amazing table and are waiting on their couch which will hopefully be delivered some time after September 15Th.

Their house is so fun and girly because these girls are so big on pinks and other bright colors. they are perfect to be living together! they are very similar in their tastes! it is nice to have a girly place to go when i want a break from my boy (even though i did usually need a break very often cause i love him so!) Yesterday was the first day i hadn't gone to their apartment since hey moved in. i know that i will be there very often so i told them that they are welcome to tell me when i am over staying my welcome lol.

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