Sunday, September 6, 2009

A day with Laura Lorraine

Well as you might know my friends and i do days with each other rather then getting each other gifts for our birthdays. Last Thursday was my day with Laura. she had planned at day for us to go to Family Fun Center and have a blast! i was excited when she chose it because i have been wanting to go and she was the perfect person to do it with!

We arrived not knowing quite what the weather was going to be like but it turned into a perfect day! The sun was out and we were even pretty hot! We played mini golf first and we both got a hole in one! they have two courses so we played them both but by the end of the second game we were melting and ready to head inside to cool off a bit! We did almost everything they had to offer, bumper boats were by far our favorite! (pic of us soaking wet...goodness i look short!)You get to squirt everyone while driving around in your boat! You get SOAKED but it felt oh so good in the sun! we also did go karts twice because those are also one on my favs! It was fun to do the batting cages with her because she plays softball and it was fun to watch her skill! It kinda made me wanna play softball but i don't think i will. I would want to play with her but she is go good she probably wouldn't want a sucky ass player on her team lol! i bet i could be good though!

it was really nice getting to spend the day with her laughing and having fun! i love that girl!

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