Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Brunch

Friday i had my mom and gramz over for a nice fall brunch! i made the most yummy Blueberry delight in the crock pot. It is kinda like a bread pudding with blueberries and cream cheese! (i'll share the recipe in a bit. They cam over for brunch and once my mom was in my house she nearly started crying. She was so impressed with my house and it made her think of me all grown up. It was too cute! we sat down to brunch and everyone loved the food. It was the blueberry delight along with thick sliced bacon backed with brown sugar sprinkled on top and mimosas! After eating and chatting it up a bit we watch the episode of "curb your enthusiasm" that had the Seinfeld reunion. They were too excited to be able to watch it because neither of them have HBO. The episode was pretty funny and we all had a good laugh. it was really nice to have them over and i was able to be the adult who was doing the entertaining. Also my mom brought over salmon that Jeff had caught so that night i made mat some salmon for dinner! Good eats all day long!

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