Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Man I Love

October 1st. It's mine and Mat's 4 yr official anniversary!

We have really been none stop together for 6 yrs but the first two were spent getting to know each other and so nothing was really official till i laid down the law and forced him to commit lol! Our relationship has grown so much in the past few years it is amazing. We have grown so much more closer and been through so much. i don't know how we would have made it through without each other! Mat is always there for me when ever i need him. I know that he will pick me up when i fall and tell me to stop crying when i am being stupid. He is such an amazing man. he is always himself and can get along with anyone. He is a homebody but loves going out at times. He wants nothing but the best for us and tries with all his power to give it all to me! I love that he is never bored. He has so many hobbies that he is really great at. he is a hard worker at work and i can always rely on him to get his job done (i need to take a page out of his book on that one) He is an amazing writer and does it just for himself rarely showing his work to anyone. I learn something new about him all the time which keeps things exciting! I love that we are on the same page on most things like keeping the house clean and what to eat for dinner. We have such a great balance in our life that we rarely fight these days (trust me it took A LOT of fighting to get to this stage) i love the future i see for us. I can see us having an amazing and long life together. i know one day he will make a perfect husband and father. It is amazing the times when i am driving home and i will think of him and just BURS with love. every time i see him i just want to scream to the roof tops I LOVE YOU! (he even says i say it too often) My love for him can't be contained in just those 3 little words so i say it more often in hopes to some how explain just how big my love his for him! I love this man with every fiber of my being and i would NEVER do anything to hurt him.

So here's to Happily Ever After


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  1. Glad you are bursting with love. Congrats on 4 but really 6 years of love and many more to come!