Monday, October 5, 2009

Five thing that have made me happy

Reading one of my blogs Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills she asked what the five things that have made you happy lately... i just had to take the challenge of thinking about that one

FIRST thing to come to mind is Twitter of course! i love that i'm able to talk to all my good friends and i have made more new friends from all over the world!
SECOND would have to be Farm ville on facebook! i am so not a video game girl and i have played computer games but they never seem to hold my attention but i am fully addicted to farm ville. It is also really super fun that most all my friends are doin it too so you get to be a bit competitive!
THIRD Wearing sweaters and long sleeve shirts. I have a closest full of clothes i got last year that i absolutely LOVE and i was so excited when the weather got cold enough that i could wear them again... i love feeling like I'm getting a constant warm hug from a sweater!
FOURTH watching the eaves change colors. It is just starting and i just love seeing all the reds and oranges that are popping up all around. it makes driving to and from work so much more enjoyable!
Finally the FIFTH thing that has made me happy lately is candles. I have loved burning cinnamon and nutmeg candles all around my house filling it with a warm glowing that melts me into a puddle

so i pass on the question: What are the five things that have made you happy lately?

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  1. Love to read a positive blog post! Puts me in a better mood :)
    Great post!