Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Beauty Wise Wednesday: My Epsy Bag!

As I said before I want to start getting more into beauty products but I dislike wasting money on things I end up hating. Well the Ipsy bag is the answer to that! Plus, what is more fun than getting a bright pink bag in the mailvevery month?

I signed up for the bag in the end of December. They charged me the $10 on the first of January then sent out the package (according to my tracking number through USPS) on January 10th. The estimated delivery date was the 14th. Its eemed to get delayed for a couple days; I ended up getting my bag on the 18th.** Note my two friends also signed up for the ipsy bags in December with me,one friend got hers a couple days before me and another friend had yet to gethers now on the 23rd. We all live in the same apartment complex**

I want to do a reveal blog each month to let you guys know what I got in my bag and what the value of the bag is. Then later that month before I get my new bag I hope to do a review blog of the products.

This month’s bag is a very dark navy blue vinyl outside with a silver zipper pull. Inside is blue with white stars and an ipsy tag stitched into it. A very cute simple bag you could fit into a bigger purse.

Product #1: SOHO Crease brush: $8.50 on ($3 e-coupon)
*The package describes this brush: "The SOHO Crease Brush has soft and fluffy bristles tapered to a slight point, perfect for applying eye shadow to the crease of your eye. It's also ideal for blending multiple shades of eyeshadow together.
*my first impression: very soft. i haven't noticed the benefit of the ergonomic design.

Product #2: Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play 1.5oz:$10.18 on ($5 e-coupon)
*Doesn't have a package description besides saying it is a volumizing hairspray, which I guess is pretty self-explanatory.
*my first impression: leaves the hair a bit stiff but did last all day.

Product #3: Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange BodyButter 2.5oz: $7 on (save 20% online) 
*The package describes: sparkling, juicyblood orange with notes of red raspberry and spicy sweet mandarins. The scent of the Mediterranean beach.
*my first impression: the smell is amazing; I have gotten several comments of how great it smells.

Product #4: Nailtini nail lacquer in Frappe: $13 on  (save 30% online)
*Product description: Wear Nailtini lacquers alone, layered or garnished to create countless combinations. Great straight or mixed- its cocktails for nails.
* my first impression: love the light pink color, brushed on my nails smoothly.

Product #5: Josie Maran %100 pure argan oil .17oz: .5oz is $14 on ~$2.80 for this sample size. (save 15% online)
*Product description: Clinically proven. In four weeks, skins smoothness, hydration and elasticity is visibly improved. Highest grade. First cold-pressed to retain integrity of nutrients. Perfect for all skin types. Balances sebum production to help fight acne. Responsible. Supports women's co-op and fair trade in Morocco.
* my first impression: the oil goes on very smooth, love that it has many uses; moisturizer, hair treatment, nail treatment and bath oil.

$41.48 total value plus the make up bag... Paid $10!!!

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  1. Very cool! Would you post a link to the site you used to order this? I think it would be a fun gift idea.

  2. Brianna, i can't believe i didn't think about that!!! i posted a link in my blog post but here is a link too...

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