Monday, January 21, 2013

Mommy Monday: Baby socks

One of the biggest headaches of being a parent is baby socks. They are constantly falling off and getting miss placed, because of this you quickly become an expert in socks. We have socks littered all over our house, in all baby beds, in between couch cushions, under the couch and in our bed. Luckily since it is winter and we always have a blanket on Sloane when we go outside we have yet to lose any socks.

The fluffy socks that seem to be the most warm are also the one's that cause the most headache. They typically need to be stretched onto the babies foot to fit properly but due to their soft texture they quickly slip off. It doesn't help that a baby is constantly kicking their feet and rubbing them together. I really don't even understand why they make baby socks like these. The only thing I can think of is that the socks get lost so often that people have to buy more and that's how the manufactures makes money.

Thin ankle socks seem to be a bit better cause they aren't as fluffy and easy to slip off. You don't typically need to stretch them as much to have them fit properly so that is helpful but the fact that they are so short give them little to hang on with when the baby is kicking and rubbing her feet against everything.

We found some socks that are a bit thick but come up to be knee high and have a good amount of tightness that when worn as knee socks they stay on for a good amount of time. We were given these as a baby gift. They are from baby gap and they are pretty adorable but come in bright colors so they don't match many outfits as I would like.

My favorite socks that I have found is are the thin socks that fold. They fit babies foot just perfectly without having to be stretched out. The cuff of the sock hold them in place and I have found that they will stay on all day even when taking her pants off and on for diaper changes. I know the Circo makes these socks but I'm sure there are many other brands of these socks as well.

We also have some socks that look like shoes. These are a favorite of mine because they are just too adorable and I have found that they seem to stay on quite nicely also. They are also thin socks. I really think that makes a difference. The Nike Jordan socks we have fit in a completely unique way. They are loose on the foot but get a bit tighter at the ankle to hold them on. They still don't stay on that long but I have hope they will fit better when she gets bigger.

We rarely put the thick socks on Sloane anymore, unfortunately we have quite a few pairs and I don't want to waste them. I'm thankful that we got so many socks as a gifts that we were able to experiment with which socks we liked without having to go out and buy them.

Finally how do you fold your babies socks? I fold them together like I would my socks but I find that it makes the one sock on the outside stretched out and that is what makes one sock fall off all day while the other happily stays in place. What are your thoughts on baby socks? Am I just completely over analyzing this?

**please forgive me for not listing many brands of the socks, I was given all our socks as gifts and the only way I know who has made the socks is if it says on the bottom as a grip**


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