Saturday, January 26, 2013

Date night

One thing we knew was very important when becoming pregnant is to make sure that we made time for us, without baby. We made a rule that we would have at least one date night a month. Even before Sloane was born we had out first date night planned. A night out in Seattle in December.

Mat had gotten tickets to see Louie CK close after we had found out we were pregnant. We are lucky enough to have my two best friends as baby sitters. We enjoyed a fancy steak dinner at Sullivan's in downtown Seattle and even splurged on a bottle of wine. We kinda pulled out all the stops knowing that we wouldn't be able to have many nights like that again. We also were celebrating that we had survived the first month of being parents! After dinner we had time to enjoy a drink before the show so we hit up Vons, one of my fav places downtown. It was especially nice because it was just before Christmas so all the wonderful holiday lights and decorations were up, adding to the magic of the evening! The comedy show was at the paramount theater and Louie CK did amazing! Our faces hurt from laughing so hard!

Tonight we are on date night number two, planned by me. (I'm actually writing this in the car on our way cause I choose to get pedicures with my girls over blogging) We are first going to the Snoqualmie Brewery cause I got Mat a groupon for Christmas to there. After we are heading to the casino. If we lose our money too fast at the casino we will probably go somewhere close to home and play pool. It's a simple date night but it brings us back to things we used to take advantage to be able to do in the past.

I'm so glad that we are making these date nights a priority. It's nice to have time just us to reconnect and be a little hit care free. Next month is February's so of course we are looking forward to going out for valentines day!

To all you parents out there, what did you do to keep a good grasp on your relationship or your sanity? Do you have any fun date night ideas for us?

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  1. I'm so happy you guys are making couple time a priority! A lot of new parents don't do that, which is hard down the road! You're really fortunate to have your friends watch Miss Sloane!