Saturday, June 22, 2013

My brief adventure into vlogging

Hey guys, sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I had a busy weekend followed by a buy week at work and it all just kinda left me tired and lazy. I'm back now and you can look forward to a Mommy Monday blog post! Here is a little video explaining my exploration into vlogging, inspired by Vlogger Fair! You can read about my experience at Vlogger Fair here and you can read about what my obsession with YouTube and vlogs here
Vlog as defined on Urban Dictionary:
A video log. A journalistic video documentation on the web of a person's life, thoughts, opinions, and interests.

A vlog can be topical and timeless, instructional and entertaining. The main thread is trying to communicate on a personal level with your audience.
The video is kinda long, you could probably stop watching at the 5 minute mark!

Let me know if you think I should try out vlogging more cause I'm just not sure about it.

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