Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 recap

Well i intended it do a whole post recapping everything i did over the year but really that is so much work to remember everything so i am just going to high light a few of my favorite things.

Trip To San Fran: We drove down to San Fran in July for my birthday. It was truly one of my favorite vacations. we were able to do so much and try so many new things. as well as we got to spend time with mats family all of whom i hadn't met yet. This whole trip we absolutely magical!

Trip To Vegas: For Mat's birthday i totally surprised him with a trip to Vegas! although it was a cheaper trip to Vegas we still managed to do thing we hadn't done down there including taking in a show!

Lazy Summer days at the truller: Laura and her family were so kind as to let us spend a lot of our summer up at their trailer this summer! It was so relaxing and really brought all of us girls together! We look forward to making more memories there in the summer of '09

My Birthday presents: I came up with the idea of spending time with my friends rather then getting actually gifts i can unwrap. it was so amazing to spend time with each one of my friends doing so many amazing things!

Moving: although moving was a super stressful event this year i lived through it and really enjoy our new home! He have been able to save and get better and better furniture and it is so fun to think back on where we came from and where we are not in terms of our home. i know we will look back when we are old and gray and remember the good times we had with our twin bed as a couch and old old old hand me down coffee tables. the TV stand and desk that literally fell apart when we touched them.

The summer in general: the summer of '08 is one i will remember and carry with me forever. gone are the days of being a care free kid on summer vacation but this is a summer that we made the most that of what time we had. it seem like every day off we had was filled with time in the sun. we laid by the pool, we went inter tubing, i made it to both the evergreen and Puyallup fairs, jet skiing on lake Campbell, hiking to the straight of Juan DE Fuca! all of these memories and more are what made the summer of '08 one of the best of my life!

Along with the good come the bad... though not too many

Snow!: the snow that we had this years was completely over whelming and brought many people i know to near break downs We were too happy to see the snow go and though there are still mounts of snow on the side of the roads as we enter the new year we can only hope we have seen the worst of it this winter season.

Car troubles: thought my life wasn't too unconvinced by needing new tires and a new starter it was a small bump in the road in my year. it truly is amazing how well i dealt with it though and it not have to relay on my parents to help me is really what made this situation one i will remember for a long time.

Ending Friendships: i am a friend who puts 110% into my relationship. I am constantly thinking as a we.. how would my AND my friends best benefit but when i come have a friend that doesn't seem to put the same effort into a friendship with me a begin to feel used and invalid so i did the best thing for me and that was to end the relationship before i had to go through anymore heartache

While there are so many other amazing things that happened this year these are the few i could think of on the spot! I loved 2008 and i can't wait to see what 2009 has to bring me!!!

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