Sunday, December 14, 2008

Week 7 Weigh In

Well once again it is Sunday and you know what that means... weigh in day! so i knew that it wouldn't be a good weigh in considering all the junk i ate this week... damn having baked goods around i just eat them ALL!! So i woke up today not too excited to see how much weigh i had gained... i was willing to bet two lbs!! luckily for me i just gained .5lbs! i started back on track with a vengeance yesterday and i hope that this next week goes a bit better! I have girls night on Monday which we decided that it wasn't going to be a point friendly night (i was fine with that when i was doin well grr) plus a Christmas party on Friday! While I'm looking forward to both very much i still worry that I'm going to slip into a gaining pattern. so i am going to not over indulge and try to workout three days this week and be extra strict on my points all the other days! i still need to lose weight and i can't let myself slack b/c of the holidays or i will be super unhappy!

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