Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Wrap Up

Well the holidays are pretty much over. I haven't seen anyone in my family but hopefully i will be able to see some of them on Sunday when we are hopefully planning on getting together but I'm not holding my breath! The celebrations i was able to have were pretty great!

My Girls came over on the 23rd to do our gift exchange. I roasted a whole chicken with a honey cranberry glaze and made mashed potatoes. Kristin made Caesar salad.. the dressing from scratch which was pretty yummy! we all enjoyed the dinner a lot then we watched a couple Christmas movies. 'tas the night before Christmas is one we watched that was LOOSELY based on the tale and it was pretty much horrible! about mice and a clock and we really couldn't get into it! but we watched the Flintstones Christmas and the Grinch who stole Christmas.. two classics! We opened our gifts and boy did we get all that we had hoped for.. and more! We are pretty good shoppers on a thirty dollar budget! It is always so nice to be able to get together with then and hang out. I can't wait till new years now!!

Christmas Eve Mat and i worked but when we got home we had a dinner of steaks and jalapeno cheese grits and we watched two versions of A Christmas Carol. We opened our presents and boy did we both do well there as well. I got almost everything off mat's list for him and he got some really great stuff for me! My favorite gifts were my Dandelion pj's and slippers from Victoria secret and my purse from express! he also got me a car stereo that i much need and am very excited to get it installed asap! of course that all depends on when we can get our cars out of the parking lot!

Christmas day we also made sure to make extra special. We woke up and had French toast for breakfast. We layed around and watched it's a wonderful life and Family Man. i was upset because i wasn't going to be able to see my family and my parents weren't willing to come to our house (even though i had talked to them twice and they had been out on the roads they had said were undrivable !!!!!!) We went to mat's moms house to enjoy a yummy Christmas dinner with his family. his brother and their two kids were there which always makes things more fun. We hung out for a while playing with the kids and stuff and then headed out to make our Christmas day movie.
We saw Benjamin Button. Such a great movie! The story is so original and inspiring it brought tears to my eyes... lol. The only bad part was that less then half way through the movie i had to pee and there was no way out of our seat without climbing over thousands of people. So i squirmed in my seat and took a lot of deep breathes and booked it to the restroom once the movie was over!

All of these get together's we really great and made my Christmas really special but i really do have an empty spot that i wasn't able to see my family. I can't imagine living in another state and not being able to see anyone over the holidays let alone being in the same state and not being able to see anyone simply because of snow! I hope that i get to see a family member soon and i hope we can recreate the holiday magic and i was missing!

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