Tuesday, December 30, 2008

being on vacation

Well i have been on vacation for three days now and it has been pretty great! haven't done much but hang around the house but you know what that i just what i need! Sunday we had Christmas with my family. It didn't last as long and didn't feel as great as a regular Christmas but at least i got to see my family at least for a little while! We are having white trash new years at our place tomorrow night and that should be a hoot! I hope everyone comes dressed up and really get into the idea! i have yet to come up with my outfit yet but i know that my house is gonna look great and i have gathered a pretty fun play list that i think will set the tone of the party! I just hope that i don't let myself get disapointed if things don't turn out like i imagine! I have people who say they are coming but in the past we have had new people say they will come to our party and never show up. I know i shouldn't be disapointed if it is just the handful of true friends i have but it is just so mcuh fun to mix things up with new faces. my worse fear is that everyone will come in slightly white trash outfits nothing too crazy, they will all just sit around waiting for midnight. the clock will strike midnight and then everyone wil lleave! no amazing memories made. no crazy pictures or video to laugh about later. Everytime i through a party i campleatly stress myself out and have all of expecations! i should just let everything go and not worry about it and have a good time! Being on vacation has given me even more time to worry about this. I have al lthese big plans in my head... i have great prizes for the best dressed man and womenbut i fear that there won't be anyone worth winning the prizes!
anyways i have just tommorow i get everything ready and hope everything goes smoothly and everyone has fun!
wish me luck!

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