Friday, December 12, 2008

My gift to Laura

Well like my birthday Laura chose to have a day with each of us as her gifts for her birthday. My day with her involved Ice skating, lunch, and climbing the rock wall at REI.

I picked her up after she got off work and we headed to Seattle. We ice skated at the holiday ice skating rink at the center. it was so much fun with all the fun holiday lights and music. We skated for a while but our feet and legs got pretty soar. We then rode the fun carousel that was right outside the skating rink! It was so much fun to do, bring back so many fun memories! we then ate lunch in the center house bistro. The food was amazing. Also in the center house was more fun holiday stuff. There was a small town and train set that was absolutely amazing to look at. There was no detail they didn't miss. All the little people that had up there were too much fun!

We then headed to REI. it was a little tricky trying to get there because i had forgot the directions at home but after making a few circles around Seattle and then finally calling my gramz we found our way. We arrived early and were able to watch as a couple of kids climbed the wall. and finally it was out turn. The instructor showed us a couple different paths we could take and we decided on ours.

Laura went first and made it all the way to the top of the wall... a pretty amazing feat if i do say so myself. i went second and was frightened right from the start! i knew i wasn't going to make it to the top but i was willing to give it a try...

I started my climb and my to my surprise i was WAY harder and WAY scarier then i had imagined! I was only able to get a little way up the wall before fear took over. It wasn't so much the fact that i was so high and really had nothing to do with being tired but i just couldn't imagine getting any higher then having to lean back and come back down that really scared me. I know that i will do better next time and now that i am an REI member it is only $5 per climb so i will be trying it out more often.

Over all i think the day went really well and i think Laura really enjoyed herself! I'm glad we've decided to do these days for our birthdays. It builds memories that can never be replaced!

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