Thursday, January 8, 2009

10 truths

So Brianna did the 10 truths and asked whoever else wanted to, to do it also. I, of course, am totally on board!

1. I spend way too much money, period. i spend so much money on random stuff and un-necessary food that by the end of the week all of my money is gone and i don't have anything good to show for it!

2. In 5Th grade i was the tallest girl in the school and everyone thought i should play basketball. I went to one basketball workshop thing and then stopped and became girly/lazy/fat... lol

3. i seriously probably go on facebook/myspace/twitter/blogger 40+ times a day without fail. I can access them from my phone and i tend to check them ever 15minutes... i need to get a life!

4. i tend to use this odd ability on all these types of things but my tongue can touch my nose... the main reason i got it pierced (for decoration) oh another truth would be that i can't for the life of me remember how to spell TONGUE.... i just had to google the word to find the spelling!

5. i very rarely buy things for myself. All of the best things i own jacket/zune/all my jeans/most clothes really i have gotten as gifts

6. i was super obsessed with HANSON growing up. I had a box filled with HANSON momentous and when i went to their concert i cried b/c i knew i would never be able to meet them and it made me super sad.

7. Going to college at the Art Institute right out of high school was my biggest mistake of my life. I have absolutely nothing to show from it but thousands of dollars in student loans!

8. I have never had a real boyfriend other then mat of any real period of time and sometimes i wonder if that will come back to bite me in the butt, but then i realize how happy we are and i forget about it.

9. growing up i didn't have many friends and my best friend lived in another city or i spend most of my lunches and recesses alone in the library playing Oregon trail or reading.

10. In high school i was so in love with a group of boys that i sat across from in English/history that i would stare at them through the whole class... they totally thought i was a stocker it was pretty weird.. can't wait to see them at the Reunion... lol

OK well that are my ten truths.. .really they aren't that exciting but they are all i could think of!


  1. Those are great truths! Things I didn't know about you, and I read all your myspace bullitins and your blog! I obsesively check facebook and blogger while I'm on the computer...I also need to get a life!

  2. you are a very brave, honest, straighforward person. I commend
    you for that. I hope all your friends realize that. I do.