Tuesday, January 20, 2009

sundays weigh in.... reported on monday

Well today is monday (12:01 am so tuesday actually) so I GUESS it is time to report on how my sunday weigh in went. drum roll once again please.... I lost another 1.5lbs!!! that brings my total to 16.5 lbs!!! pretty exciting. I still struggle everyday (especially at night) to stay on track but every time I do I grow so proud of myself! today was one of those struggles. I am sick and so feel as I am entitled to eat whatever I want so I feel better! I know this, so I gathered low calorie options to make me feel better and planned my night... a good book, a heating pad, chicken soup and oj... what more could I want? PIZZA!!! oh how I long for pizza everyday! it has to be my favorite food... my biggest food weakness! so so so yummy! anyways I arrived home with wellness night goodies in hand and all I could think of was pizza. I got out the ads we have on our fridge. I carefully choice what deal was best for us... Large pizza and wings for $15.99. I got my wallet out and had my phone in hand and I talked myself out of it! I didn't want to ruin all the work I had done! all the work I know I still have to do! I am proud that I made it over that hurdle. now just to make it through the rest of the night without another piece of texas toast and no sneaking one of mats bite size twix! oh the temptations!!!

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