Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Diet Diet Dieting!!

OK well once again i am still on my diet KINDA!!! i was going to start on the 1st and i weighed myself (i had gained .5lbs from the last weight in which i had gotten back to my 15lbs lost so i have a total loss of 14.5lbs now) anyways i weighed myself and was good for most of the day till movie night happened and sitting around with mat watching movies just makes me want to eat eat eat! so i wasn't so great on my diet till i went back to work! so I'm back to work and back and focused on my diet! i swear i will be doing good for now on! i swear! my main focus is looking hot for Laura's wedding! lol. also i would like to feel good about myself this summer so i can walk around like a half naked girls in the sun! lol so i am back at it am at least i hope to lose another five lbs before i fall off the wagon again!
i also still have to get my 15 lbs reward which was a new book. i haven't really gotten it yet because i kinda felt like a fake rewarding myself when i wasn't sticking to my diet. so i hope to stick to it this week at and i will reward myself with a twilight book when i get back to down 15lbs. twilight is a book that i ave been hesitant to start reading because it is such a crazy craze with all the young kids today that i feel i don't relate to at all these days but i have gotten several recommendations from people my page or older so i am going to check it out! i hope it is worth it!

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