Thursday, January 15, 2009

oh the way life is...

The first few weeks of this year have been interesting to say the least. i have been on my diet and doing pretty well if i do say so myself!
i have been pretty good at keeping to my budget and have actually been able to save a couple extra dollars with the dream of Vegas on the horizon! We are most defiantly are going the first week for June. I am hoping to go from June 1st to June 5Th. Ideally i would love to stay at planet Hollywood or at the flamingo in a GO room but anything will do as long as we go. i hope to see a show while we are there. lay by the pool, and save enough money to do all we want to do and go shopping (one of our fav activities while in Vegas!) i also hope to lose some weight by the time we go so one i can wear skimpy clothes in the heat and two so it is easier to walk around Vegas.
I have had pretty great days. by this i mean that have been at work and in a good mood pretty much everyday this year. This is something i am really try hard at keeping up because i makes life so much easier. It is annoying how my whole day can be taken over by a bad mood!
I have also been having troubles with a friend of mine. troubles that aren't easily defined or resolved but something that we both know need to be deal with. I have been taking some times to think things through. I am happy to have this person as a friend and in no way want to end our friendship. this is the main reason for the need for space. We both need to figure things out and learn how to deal with things better so that we can have a more healthy and happy relationship!
i have still been having stomach aches every now and then that have been pretty annoying so i just made a doctors appointment for my yearly and while I'm there i will mention it to her. I'm guessing it has mostly to do with my eating habits but i am hoping she can give me some insight in how to deal with my tummy troubles.
I just finished reading Twilight. It was my reward for losing 15lbs and you know what it was a pretty great reward! i was super hesitant to read it b/c i thought it was a book for kids. I thought it was dorky and mat and i just laughed when i bought it and joked that now i have to read it while i walk to really feel the part (such a jerk thing to say i know) but i loved the book. It was such a cute love story and not all sci fi light i thought maybe it would have been. I t was so easy to read that i finished it in three days ( i could have done it in one but i do i have a life hello!) i never finish books that fast! in fact i still haven't finished the last book i tried to read: Valley Of The Dolls. Anyways now i am totally addicted and i will be buying all the other books as well!
Anyways i guess that is the majority of things i have to say for the beginning of the year. if the first few weeks have anything to say about the year i have a lot to look forward to!

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  1. I'm glad you read it. I resisted those books for a long time, but I'm glad I read them. Glad that things are going well for you too!