Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter and Mat's Birthday!

Well these two days i didn't really take many pictures which is pretty sad but they were pretty great days none the less! Easter was a surprise to be able to spend with my family. Us girls had planned to drive to Forks for the day after the slumber party but after talking we decided that we felt bad for leaving our family who had all turned out to be getting together (i thought no one would do anything b/c we r all old lol) So i was able to leave Tara's house Sunday and head to my grandmas house to meet my family. the whole family was supposed to come but of course no one but my mom and dad showed up but you know what that's OK because we had such a great time! My grandma made a ham and had pasta salad and all the fixings! it was nice to eat with them then after we all gathered around and played Apples to Apples! That had got to be the best game to play EVER! we had so much fun and laughed so much! I'm really happy i was able to make it! i love my family!

Mat's Birthday was on Monday! i had the whole day planned! i really wanted to make it fun and special! We woke up pretty early (which seems to be the theme for the vacation :-P) We headed out to breakfast at the Saw Mill Cafe in the Mill Creek Town Center. I had the meat lovers scramble while mat had the croissant french toast. We both loved both meals. We had some time to kill after that so we did a little bit of shopping then headed to a movie. We watched "Observe and Report". It was an OK funny movie. It was quite awkward to watch so there were times i had to cover my eyes or plug my ears but it was good to at least check off a movie from the list of movies we want to see! After that we had lunch in the mall because Mat loves the fish and chips and i had a calzone and a salad. after that we headed to Seattle where we went to the Science Fiction Museum. it was pretty interesting but probably not worth full price (we had a half price coupon that we left a home BOO) but over all it was fun! We then decided to hang out in Seattle for a little while so we caught the Monorail to downtown where we did some wondering and some shopping. While there mat decided that he wanted PF Chang's for dinner so we took the monorail back to our car and headed to bellevue for PF Chang's. Our dinner was super yummy. we had Mongolian beef with garlic noodles and spicy green beans! We tried to make it through the meal using only chop sticks but of course we didn't make it very far! After dinner we headed to the Snoquialmie Casino! It was snowing as we arrived a very chilly. We did ok at gambling. we i started out doin really well and mat wasn't doin so good but when we left that night mat had gotten all his money back and i was out my $30 i had came with (good thing we aren't high rollers!) We ended our night at The Rock, our favorite restaurant just a block from our house! In fact we go so often that we walked in and sat down and the bar tender bought us two buckets without us even ordering then another customer made a comment that he help us before them and he said he had to take care of the regulars first! it was too much fun!
over all i think he really enjoyed his birthday! i love him and he deserves it! and boy is he spoiled because he has a whole other day on Saturday!

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