Wednesday, April 8, 2009

silly silde show

well i haven't realyl had anything to blog about lately just pretty much a boring life of working then coming home and sleeping! i know exciting right?! I do have a few things coming up that will be pretty exciting. it is mat's and Tara's birthday april 13th. Tars birthday party is this saturday. She is having an old school slumber party which will be so much fun! the Sunday (easter) tara debbie krisint and i are going to forks.. AGAIN! i know crazy right! Tara has just started reading the books and so she wants to go really bad... Debbie and I should become offical Forks tour guides and charge per hr! Then Mat and i have vacation all week in which we don't really have anything planned. I'm hoping that one day we can go somewhere maybe a day trip or something? Next Saturday is mat's birthday party... We are going to see Doug Benson at the Moore theater then head oer to game works and then staying in a hotel so we don't have to drive back home after a long night! it will all be alot of fun... i'm excited! So hopefully i'll have alot to write about coming up soon! So instead i thought i'd leave a a slide show with random pictures.. .enjoy!

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