Wednesday, April 1, 2009

i almost forgot

Well silly me i almost forgot that i need to post about Debbie and mines trip to v]Vancouver BC. it was such a great trip! The hotel we stayed in was nice enough i pretty much liked it and it was right above the street fair they were having on Grandville. The street fair really made the trip fun and exciting because there were so many people for people watching. We dined at a couple pretty good restaurant and really enjoyed just wondering around the city. We did do some shopping but the malls didn't really have many stores we were interested in or that we could afford. lol Also they were way confusing and hard to navigate! During all of our wondering we did have our eyes open for any Robert Pattinson spotting's. we even messaged him on twitter a few times (which blew up in our face but we won't get into that!) We did some drinking and wondering on the streets at nigth which can always cause some great entertainment... like three guys linked together singing on the top of their lungs in french for like 6 block! I got a WONDERFUL crape on the street side. it was filled with nutella and bananas! HEAVEN! i can't wait to go back just for those! i think I'll try another filling next time ... i always get that one!
Over all it was great trip besides finding out the next day that Robert Pattinson was at the street fair concert we decided we didn't want to pay $20 to get into and Debbie getting blocked from his twitter! lol

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  1. I so want to hear the twitter story:)
    Glad you had fun!