Wednesday, April 1, 2009

just a normal day

Well the last couple days have gone by pretty well. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays can be pretty hard because i have to work at 4 am but this week i kept myself kinds busy so that i wouldn't come home and sit on the couch and just hope not to fall asleep. Monday night we had a fancy dinner party at Kristin's house. She made such a yummy dinner of stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes, asparagus and garlic bread! it was all very yummy but my favorite part was being able to spend time with all my favorite girls! it was the last day before Laura went back to school (well started at UW bothell anyways... pretty exciting GO LAURA!) Tara is on her spring break now so it was nice to be able to see her and give her the last 3 twilight books for her enjoyment! we laughed and talked and had a merry time!
Yesterday after work i went to get my nails done with Linnea! It was really great to hang out with her and i wish we would have been able to hang out longer (not really sure y we didn't actually) She is also in school and works two jobs so she is one of my friends i really feel like i don't see often enough! She is such a driven girl and so responsible that she rarely has free time! She is in Vegas this weekend for her best friends wedding which is also a reason we haven't hung out in a while... weddings are all consuming u know! But it was nice to be able to hang out with her for a little while getting out nails done! now i have nice finger and toe nails! i feels so girly!
Today was pretty simple day came home straight after work and watched TV with mat for a little while before he had to head to work... i decided to take a nap so that i would be able to stay up later with him when he gets off! i really try HARD to make sure we get time together. i know that working such opposite schedules can really cause a couple to drift apart and i never want that to happen to us.. of course all my afford sometimes blow up in my face when i get all excited to hang out with him and things don't go as imagined and i get all upset IE: he comes home from work and he is on the computer for hrs! but i am trying to roll with the punches and take the time i can get!

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