Thursday, March 14, 2013

LATE Beauty Wise Wednesday: February Ipsy Bag Review

Hey guys! Sorry this blog post is a day late. I choose to be with a friend who lost her father yesterday over blogging. Also this post will be without pictures due to time.
Here is my review of last months Ipsy bag. Overall I was very happy with the bag and I'm excited to show you what is in this months bag next week!!
Product #1: Coastal Scents “In The Spotlight” eye shadow pallet: Single color is .04oz for $1.99 at The sample is .07oz so worth about $4 *Product includes: Dark Goldenrod, Sunbeam, Golden Globe and Dark Golden Olive.
Review: Totally loved these eye shadows. They are very pigmented and last a good amount without any primer. I used these colors mixed with my other eye shadows and I just loved them and used them almost daily this month. I defiantly want to purchase.
Product #2: Pixi flawless and poreless primer: 1.01oz is $29.00 on The sample is .5oz so worth about $15 *Product description: Pore minimizing face primer, oil free, hydrating, hypoallergenic, for all skin types.
Review: I only used this a couple times this month but from what I could tell this was a pretty nice primer. I'm no expert however and I've only used one other primer in my life. I liked that it was light and not greasy. It didn't really have a smell and it did seem to help my make up stay on a bit longer.
Product #3: Pop Beauty mascara in smokey black kapow!!: .21oz 9.99 on is .17 oz so worth about $5. *No description on the product.
Review: Now I might be a weirdo but I prefer the hard old school brush that came with this mascara compared to the plastic type one's I've been getting in mascara's lately. I did get a bit of raccoon eyes by the end of the day however so I'm thinking I want to change up to waterproof mascara in hopes to avoid flaking.
Product #4: Mica Beauty Ultra Smooth Gel Eyeliners: sample seems to be full size but doesn’t come with the brush. $30 on I'd say the sample is maybe worth $20 without the brush. *This product also doesn't have a description.
Review: LOVED this eye liner! I really like to get a fine line for my daily make up and it was so easy with this eye liner. It was also nice cause I was able to put it on with just one hand (important when I have to hold Sloane while putting on make up) I find with the pencil liners I need to hold my eye still with my other hand. I did leave it open over night one night and it seemed to dry out a little bit but I kinda moved my brush around in it and it came back to life. A YouTuber I follow; Allie, actually put up a tutorial on how to do perfect eyeliner with gel liner. I haven't tried it out yet but I'm excited to!
Product #5: Lash Card: 10 cards are $6.99 on Sample came with 4 lash cards valuing about $2.80 *Product Description: Ideal for: separating lashes, layering mascara, hard to reach lashes, bottom lashes. Helps prevent: clumping and smudging.
Review: I attempted to used these two separate times. I never quite figured out how to used them. It was just so awkward and unnecessary. I don't know who would use these, it makes doing mascara harder I think.
So this is my second Ipsy bag I have gotten and I am so happy with the products I have gotten so far with exception of probably the Lash Cards. I definatly say you guys should sign up if you are wanting to try new beauty products but you don't want to spend an arm and a leg trying stuff.
(I am in no way paid to endorse Ipsy. I just think it's a very fun service that I think people don't really know about.)

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