Monday, March 18, 2013

Mommy Monday: The effects on my body

It has been almost 4.5 months after having Sloane. At first everything was to be expected, bleeding, tired, soar, less muscle from being on bed rest etc. Well now I am getting into some effects that I wasn't really aware of.

The worst I have encountered is my hair loss. I knew I would loss more hair after giving birth because I didn't lose any while pregnant but wow I didn't expect to feel like I'm going bald! It all started around three months when I noticed my hair was falling out more. It didn't really seem too bad, probably just back to the amount of hair I used to lose when I wasn't prego. Then I started noticing that my hair was absolutely everywhere. As a women I have gotten used to a certain amount of my hair being found around the house but it has gotten out of control. I spent 10 minutes picking hair off my fleece then lint brushing it only to find more hairs to be pulled off once I put it on. It has started to worry me a bit thinking that Sloane could possibly choke on a piece of my hair.

Not only am I finding hairs absolutely everywhere but I just noticed today that my hair line is thinning. Now this is horrifying! It is the two top sides of my hair line, (if that makes sense) kinda like the area that thins to form a widows peak I think. Right now it is pretty noticeable to me but I haven't pointed it out to anyone else so I'm interested in seeing how noticeable it is to others. It's weird cause it kinda looks like little baby fuzzy hairs in these areas. I'm worried to take a closer look to see if any other areas of my hair are thinning. I afraid to put my hair into any tight pony tail in fear of pulling out anymore hairs from my hair line.

I am still taking my prenatal vitamins so I didn't think this would happen so badly. Today I deep conditioned my hair with Joico K-Pac Deep Penetrating Reconstructor that I mentioned in a previous Beauty Wise Wednesday blog. I'm not sure how to combat this hair loss problem but I really want to get on top of it before it gets too bad.

Do you have any suggestions on what I can go to reduce the amount of hair I'm losing. What about how to control all the hair I have around my house and on my clothes?

Also what kinds of crazy post baby things have you had to deal with? Anything else exciting I have to look forward to?

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