Monday, March 4, 2013

Mommy Monday: Teething begins

So it begins, Sloane had started teething! We gave her a teething ring a couple of weeks ago just to see how she reacts and she loved it and that was our first sign of her teething. Well along with the nonstop drooling! Little did we know what was ahead of us.

Yesterday we spent the day in Seattle as a family and she just seemed fussy even though we fed her and she slept. I thought that it was because she had gotten worn out at the NW Women's Show the day before but when she woke up today she was even more fussy.

She kept chewing on anything she could get her hands on. I gave her a teething ring again and she loved it. I felt her gums and I'm pretty sure that I felt a small little tooth breaking through. It looks like a tiny little pin prick of white in her gum right now on her lower front right side. I got pretty excited when I felt it. I can't imagine how adorable her little smile will look with teeth.

In my attempts to calm Sloane down I posted about her teething on Facebook and asked for any advice people had to offer. I love getting advise from other parents. Things I tried today was a frozen wash cloth, teething ring, infant Tylenol and Hyland Baby teething tablets. Much to my surprise the teething tablets sparked a little bit of controversy.

A few friends commented suggesting the Hyland teething tablets and my friend Linnea followed up with a comment about the tablets causing babies hearts to stop. Her comment was then followed up with a previous commenter saying that Linnea was using scare tactics about the tablets and she didn't have any facts to back up the the accusation. Now I do know that the tablets have been recalled, but they have come back onto the market and of course they have improved whatever it was that caused them to be recalled. As much as I trust Linnea's opinion I had heard so many good things about the tablets to not give them a try.

I don't think we have used them enough to say for sure if they work well but she was able to get to sleep for a nap and for bed so I'd say that is a good sign. I'm not really sure why but I feel more comfortable about giving her these tabs over giving her Tylenol so I really hope these end up working.

Another thing that people recommended that I think I'm going to check out is the Amber necklaces. These are necklaces that people swear by that I guess help relieve pain. I'm a little nervous about her wearing a necklace but I think I'll look into them some more.

So do you guys have any more advice to add? I can always take advise so I know what all my options are when deciding what to do for my child.

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