Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beauty Wise Wednesday: My Spring Influenster VoxBox!

I mentioned in a past post about receiving my first Influenster Vox Box of Palmolive Soft Touch dish soap and offered a give away here. Influenster is a a website where you can sign up, do different activities like answering surveys, reviewing products, and you can link all of your social media's to it as well. With each activity you do on the web site you earn points. The more points you earn the more likely you are to earn a Vox Box, which it a completely free box of products. Some of the products are sample sizes while a lot of the products you get are full sized.

One you receive the box they ask you to do different things, like tweeting a picture of the products, posting about it on facebook/instagram/pintrest, or writing a blog/video reviewing the products. It's all pretty simple tasks that take not much time to do and the more you do the more likely you are to earn another Vox Box.

I recently received my second Vox Box which was their spring box. This was a bit more beauty related and of course I just had to share it with you guys!

Here is the box right as I opened it.

The first product is Nichole Scherzinger signature series Impress nails in Just Say Yes. These are press on nails that say last up to a week with just the sticker on the back of the nail. It includes 24 nails so that you can find the perfect size. I'm not so sure about this product because press on nails just make me think of like 12 year olds trying to look older. I also have pretty large nail beds and I'm not sure that these would fit. I'll attempt them the next time all of my nails break and see what I think. The color is a very fun summer color so it is worth a shot. If nothing else I can give them to my friends cousin who is 12 years old I think and totally into beauty and such. 

Second product is Schwarzkoph Professional Osis; Dust It texture, mattifying powder. My guess is that this is like a dry shampoo in the way that it will get rid of shiny, oily hair. I'm interested to try it out the next time I straighten my hair cause I tend to not wash my hair for a few days when it is straight.

Next is Secret Outlast Completely Clean Clear Gel Antiperspirant/Deodorant. This frightened me a little bit because I have only used gel deodorant once and I didn't enjoy how my pits fell wet after applying it. This deodorant I have used a few times now and I really enjoy it. I will admit I am a sweater and I am notorious for having pit stains. With this I haven't noticed any pit sweat and it has been in the 70s near 80s the last few days and I have spent a majority of the days outside. This also has no real smell to it so it won't interfere with any other scent you might be wearing. I think this is a product I will continue to regularly purchase in the future!

The NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm is pretty awesome also! I wasn't sure what to expect but it is pretty much all around great! I moisturizes great, tastes amazing and leaves a subtle color that is just a nice added touch without having to go threw the effort of applying a lip stick. This is a no mirror needed lip color.  I also have worn it over the Elf pink lip stain I got a while ago and I think it is just a fun and simple combo. I actually applied them both while driving to the beach yesterday with minimal effort on my part.
The final product is a Tasty Kakes Kandy Bar Kakes S'mores treat. This seems like a Hostess replacement treat. I was pretty excited to try it out since it was S'mores. It lived up to my expectations but there wasn't anything super amazing about it. I don't remember the exact day I got my Vox Box but the treat as "Use By" date of 5/23/13 so when I ate it, it was expired (I'm not worried about my health of anything.) That might account for my the cake seemed a bit dry. Luckily the marshmallow filling and chocolate coating made it so you didn't really notice. Overall I think I would MAYBE buy this from a gas station while on a road trip if it sounded good at the moment, but it wouldn't be something I threw in my cart while grocery shopping.
Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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