Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mommy Monday: Sloane's first trip to the zoo

Sorry this blog is a day late. We had so much fun in the sun yesterday at the zoo that I just had no energy to blog about it when we got home. My co-worker asked to switch shifts so I had the day off and it looked like the day with the best weather this week so I had to take advantage!

Sloane and I visited the grandparents in the morning until Mat got off work. It's so nice to have them around and they so love having her over at their place. I have to admit I was a bit worried about having her over at their place because of *personal reasons but so far it seems to be going OK, they watch her a couple of times a month when we need someone.

Once Mat got home from work I gathered a lunch for us and we headed our way to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Sloane had already had two naps for the day but she still fell asleep on the car
ride to the zoo so we ended up having to bring in her car seat instead of just putting her in the stroller.

This is something I won't be at future visits. Sloane had to pull herself forward in the seat to be able to see anything and she didn't like that.

We arrived at the zoo and went straight for the elephants because we read that it was time to feed them. It cost $5 per person to feed so we opted out of that since Sloane was probably too young and might get too freaked out. We then decided we wanted to eat our lunch first thing so we headed to find a place to sit and eat.

We found a concession stand with tables which was perfect cause we needed something to drink. It was nice cause they had high chairs for us to use so Sloane was happy she was able to sit at the table with us. After eating, putting on a sun hat and sun screen and getting Sloane's diaper change it was time to take on the zoo.

First stop was the penguins! Sloane was able to stand right up to the glass and see under the water as the penguins swam by. She was especially interested in the waves the enclosure created. There was also a fountain of water that Sloane was a little frightened of at first but then decided it was pretty fun after figuring it out.

The rest of the zoo was a blast. We tried out best to get Sloane to see all the animals but there were some she just couldn't see or wasn't interested in looking at. Her favorite two animals she saw I think were the fruit bats (gross) and the kangaroo.

She also enjoyed seeing all the animal sculptures and other toys she could play with. It was also nice that she can stand up while holding onto things cause I think that made she enjoy the zoo that much more.


Unfortunately we didn't get a membership this trip cause Mat wasn't sure if we would be back but I think it would be nice to have a membership cause Sloane and I could go just anytime we wanted to get outside.

*this part I has been changed to protect privacy. 

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