Sunday, June 9, 2013

Vlogger Fair!!

I've mentioned in past blogs that I enjoy watching daily vlogs (video blogs) on YouTube, but my obsession went to a whole new level yesterday.  Sloane and I were able to convince my friend Tara to join us at Vlogger Fair and we were so thankful cause she made a great photographer, lol.

We picked Tara up at 8:45am cause I wanted to make sure we arrived early enough to see one of my favorite vloggers Judy who was scheduled to be there at 10am (she ended up running late). We arrived just before 10am and we a little lost when we first arrived. We were a little lost at first because no vloggers that I follow had arrived yet and there were fewer booths than I expected. We passed time at the Yelp booth by checking in to their app. to get free sun glasses and then taking a fun picture (I wonder if they uploaded them cause ours was too cute)

The first vlogger that I recognized arrived; Joey Graceffa. I don't actually watch him much but I have seen him in a few MissGlamorazzi videos before.


Next up Shay Carl of The Shaytards arrived with his sister Carlie and brother Logan. The Shaytard is a vlog that I have to watch daily, no matter what. They are such a fun family that no matter what they are doing I enjoy watching it.

I actually got flustered while talking to Shay (of course) and when he asked how old Sloane was I said 4 months and Tara had to correct me! Carlie also loved meeting Sloane, after taking pictures together she asked me to send her the pictures so I did over twitter and she retweeted/ responded/ favorited the tweets! So basically we are best friends now lmao!

The next vlogger to arrived that I was super excited about was Judy from ItsJudysLife. I was probably more excited to see our daughters interact with each other than I was to actually meet Judy. Judy and Benji's daughter is named Julianna and is maybe 2 weeks older than Sloane. Judy's vlogs are what we watch first thing in the morning (thanks to her early upload schedule!) It's so fun to watch other parents going through the same things we are, even in their busy jet setting lifestyle.

It's funny cause Sloane is the baby that is usually reaching out at other babies, grabbing at their face and such, but Julianna was actually the one grabbing out to Sloane while Sloane just sat there kinda confused I think. It was so adorable!

Other vloggers that I was excited to see but didn't really need to go out of my way to meet were iJustine, Olga Kay, and Corey Vidal and Coorado of ApprenticeEh

Overall I'm very happy I was able to go to Vlogger Fair and I defiantly think I'd go again! Plus it's so much more fun watching the vlogs when I've met the people. It's funny though cause I totally felt like I knew these people when I saw them I just felt like they should have recognized me.

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