Monday, June 3, 2013

Mommy Monday: Alphabet Wall Help Wanted

So, I'm just a bit too excited to plan Sloane's first birthday. I think I have been thinking about it since the day she was born. So far I know that I want it to be alphabet themed. Why may you ask? I love singing her the alphabet, her favorite toy is a monkey who teaches her the alphabet (and shapes/colors/numbers too) and finally is have a great plan to redecorate her room and to do so I'm going to need every one's help!

I saw on pintrest the idea for an alphabet wall that is made up of the letters of the alphabet designed by family and friends. How will this work? I will be asking everyone I know if they would like to contribute to the wall, those who would like to will sign up for a specific letter and then design it in any fashion they desire. I have seen so many different ways to design these letter, big or small, a painted wooden letter or painted on paper and framed, I also like the Letter O that is made out of a round object like a life preserver or a clock! Finally once they have designed the letter they bring to to Sloane's first birthday party and we reveal all the letters together!


The fun part is that even people who can't make it to Sloane's party can join in the fun! Just design the letter and the mail it to us. Everyone who participates will get a picture of Sloane in front of the finished wall. 

I'm super excited about this idea and I really hope I get enough people to have participate that all the numbers will be original!
Along with the alphabet wall I have a few other birthday plans already. I have recruited my dear friend Kristin to design and make the cake and Mat will be compiling a video of Sloane's first year!


The next thing I am trying to decide on is the location of her party. Our apartment is just too small to house any size of party and it's in the winter so an out door party is pretty much out of the question. I like the idea of having it at either the children's museum or something like that. I'd prefer to stay away from things that are too crazy like Chuckie Cheese till she is a bit older. Do you guys have any good ideas on where to host a birthday party, indoors? 

Oh and finally I know for a fact that I will be having the party around lunch time, hopefully Sloane won't get too tired or cranky at that time. 

So yeah, I know I'm about 4 months early for planning this thing but I'm just too excited!!!

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