Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sunny Summer Blogger Swap!!

I don't know how to add the HTML version of this so HERE is a link to the swap page
Like I told you in a previous post, I have been participating in some online swaps. The first was the Mother's day swap through a Facebook group I am apart of. This swap is actually ran by a blogger I follow; Melissa over at Lulu and Sweet Pea. I was so excited to take place in this swap because who doesn't like summer goodies?!
In this swap we were actually paired up so we bought gifts for each other rather than one person buying a gift for you and you buying a gift for someone completely different. I thought this was a great thing because we were able to really get to know each other.
I was paired up with Sara over at My Journey to Happiness.  She contacted me through e-mail to let know we were paired together and we exchanged information about ourselves to better understand what we should buy for each other. We discovered that we actually lived fairly close to each other so we made plans to meet up to exchange our gifts; so nice to not have to worry about shipping!
As it turns out she comes up to Seattle from Tacoma twice a week for PT on her hand so we made plans to meet at a small park in the U District. I arrived very early and she was running a little late so we didn't get lots of time to chat with each other (I had to get to work).
We exchanged our gifts and fit in as much chatting as we could. Now it might not seem like it these days but I have a real issue with meeting new people. I grew up very shy, with not many friends, but I have grown a lot as a person since then. Still, meeting new people is pretty nerve racking for me. I always worry about having nothing to say, or how the other person is going to think of me. I am actually pretty impressed that I even went to meet up with her alone.
Our conversation was really great but of course I found myself stumbling over my words and feeling like a complete idiot, luckily it was only once.
So what did we get each other you ask?

She got me some awesome goodies!!! A beach mat with pillow that all rolls up and has a handle to carry it with. I absolutely love the colors, I can't wait to use it! A floaty for Sloane. I'm pretty excited about this because it attaches to me so she will hopefully feel secure. This is something I really wanted to get for the summer so I'm really excited about it! finally two pop-up trash bins. These are so cool, they will be super useful for all the summer picnics I plan on having!!

I got her several smaller items; A summer themed cold drink cup, filled with margarita flavored crystal light, a Market Peach candle from Bath and Body Works, fun BBQ themed corn skewers, star shaped ice molds, a watermelon knife, watermelon gum and finally some Russell Stover's s'mores candy. 
If you haven't tried these s'mores candy you should totally check them out! They are new this year I think and they are amazing! I bet they would be super good if you put them in the microwave for 5 seconds too!!
Overall I am so happy with this swap, as I was with the last one. I wish I could do these all the time, I just love buying gifts for other people! My next swap is actually through the Facebook mommy group I am apart of and it is once again a summer swap! Stay tuned to see what I end up getting for that one!

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  1. Ooh that beach mat seems genius! Thank you for joining us!