Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let me introduce... Debbie!

So many of you might has noticed i have been hanging out with a new girl lately... well she isn't really new to me but we have been hanging out a lot lately and it doesn't ONLY have to do with our mutual love.... no obsession... with twilight! Debbie and i go way back!

I moved to Kirkland and to Lake Washington High school in the middle of our Sophomore year. it was a difficult time for me... i hadn't gone to my last school for over a month because i had no friends and i felt like a complete outcast. i was pretty excited to be going to a new school and be able to start over with people i hadn't grown up with my whole life. I cried my first day at school while i made my mom walk me to my first class. I am not out going so it took me a while of eating lunch alone in the hallway then hiding in the library before i made ANY friends. Debbie had International Cuisine with me and we were paired in the same cooking group. We talked and got along right away... I'm pretty sure i noticed something backstreet boys on her and that's what got the ball rolling! after a while she asked me where i sat during lunch and i told her i usually spent it in the library... She then INSISTED that i eat lunch with her and her friends! the rest is history

we instantly became best friends. we were inseparable in high school... some people might even have thought we were annoying! I got at job at Safeway thanks to her and we worked together all the time... constantly getting in trouble for talking too much. We shared the ability to want to have fun and do crazy things all the time... we constantly were walking somewhere until i got my license and a car. .then we drove EVERYWHERE! we went to many concerts together and shared many obsessions! everything from the backstreet boys to our all country phase where it was all country all the time and the summer we went to tons of concerts at the gorge. We loved listening to music and singing along... dancing on the hood of my cars!

After high school a lot changed in both of our lives and we kinda drifted apart but we were always friends. We both went and lived our lives she got into a serious relationship with her now husband and i went through a clubbing phase.Now that we are both settled down a bit and can breath again we are remembering all the great times we have had together.

it is funny because when i tell people about Debbie they cant seem to imagine Debbie doing the things i say. She is a small soft spoken girl most of the time but she has a HUGE personality that comes bursting out when she feels comfortable! She knows how to make things fun and she loves things with her whole heart! She has her own unique views of the world which makes her a real crack up! we can go on hrs long road trips and all i will have to do is listen and she could talk for hours! She is an amazingly giving person who would help anyone if they asked her to (even sometimes when they don't ask) even if she doesn't get a single thing in return. Sometimes i worry that people take advantage of her but she is just too happy to help and wouldn't want it any other way.

Right now she is going through somethings that no women at her age should have to go through and i can't imagine what she must feel everyday. this is my time to help her in anyway i can... even if all i can do is give her someone to hang out with! She deserves the world and i hope that she will start thinking of herself a little more because it is a good thing to be a LITTLE selfish.

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  1. What a great post about your friendship with Debbie. The friendships that last us through all the stages in our lives are so special.
    Sorry to hear she is going through a tough time. I'll send lots of good thoughts her way.