Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beauty Wise Wednesday: Ulta Haul

A couple of weeks ago a brand new Ulta opened in Everett Mall, just a town north of where I live. My darling girlfriends of course had the 411 on all the freebie's they were giving away. Saturday morning we pack up the car at 9:30 am to arrive and get in line by 10am.

We arrived just in time for the line to start forming so we were close to the start. The first 100 customers (I think) were able to draw for a gift card. Kristin and I both got $5 while Tara got a $25 gift card! I also needed to sign up for an Ulta card, because as we all know I am just getting into this beauty thing and I have never actually bought anything from Ulta before. With signing up for the Ulta card I was given a free gift bag.

First thing in the bag was an Ulta automatic eye liner in black, listed as $8 on Nothing too exciting with this product but I was really wanting a new eye liner that wasn't an actual pencil so I was pretty excited for this free gift.

Next was Ulta body lotion in Fresh Lilac, listed as $4 on . I tried this lotion on once and I was completely disgusted! The smell is just horrible! I mean some people might like it but it was just too soapy smelling or something. This is the first item that is going into my give away pile from all the samples I have been getting.

Next was Kenra Volume Spray. A super hold finishing spray 25. This item I can not find on the Ulta web site actually but I found it on Amazon for $6.50. I actually really like this hair spray. It doesn't make my hair stiff at all. I wore it when I was wearing my hair down and curly cause I didn't have any curly hair products and it actually gave me some great beach waves that didn't frizz all day.

The final and my favorite product that I received in the freebie bag was Joico K-Pac Deep Penetrating Reconstructor. This product also isn't listed on the web site but I found this also on Amazon. The smallest size they had was 5.1 oz for $11.80 so that makes the 1.7oz sample size I got worth about $3.80. This product is absolutely amazing!!! The smell is sweet, kinda cinnamon-y, but doesn't keep your hair smelling too sweet throughout the day. The texture was a bit off putting when I first used it, comes out a bit clumpy and you almost think it's gone bad. I put it in my hair after shampooing and left it in while I washed my body, face and shaved then rinsed it out. It made my hair softer and more manageable than I think it ever has been before. The effects didn't just last that day but for the whole week, through daily washings. I can't rave about this product enough! I will defiantly be buying the full size version soon!

So those were the four free products I got at the Ulta opening at Everett Mall. All four equal a value of $22.30. Not too bad for a fun afternoon with my girlfriends! I'll be making sure I check out Ulta's more often now.

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