Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beauty Wise Wednesday: Beauty tips from an other generation

I had so much fun interviewing my mom for mothers day I thought I'd interview her and my grandma (my mom's mom) on a little lighter subject, Beauty!!! It's interesting to see what the older generation says about make up and how their view on make up has changed as they have gotten older.

What is your must have beauty product?
Mom: Mascara/eyeliner every day of my life I have put it on, it's a habit
Gramz: Lotion Cera Ve renewing lotion "I'm obsesses with it", Mouse and my Bobbi Brown lip stick: doesn't have lead in it.

How old were you when you first started wearing make up?
Mom: 13 years old, without mom knowing
Gramz: Lip stick when I was 16, never wore make up till I got to be in my 40s. Mascara in my 20's.

Who taught you to wear make up?
Mom: girlfriends; kinda learned together from magazines.
Gramz: No one, mom my passed away when I was young. I learned from ads and that type of thing.

Does make up make you feel better about yourself? why?
Mom: if I am wearing make up I fell better to face the world. "my best face forward" I have more confidence. If I ran to the store and saw someone I know without make up I would be mad
Gramz: It does because I think I look better, it is part for other people but mostly it makes me feel more put together.

What is one beauty tip you would give a person new to make up?
Mom: don't over do it. make sure all your foundation is all blended in. IE: no jaw bone line "one of the grossest things I've ever seen"
Gramz: Start washing your face at an early age. I didn't wash my face till I was older and don't forget sunscreen!

What beauty product do you find unnecessary?
Mom: eye lash curler b/c I've never had to use one in my life.
Gramz: False eye lashes (side note my grams says she only needs to use an eye lash curler on one eye cause they other is perfectly curled already. She's too cute!)

If you could do your make up like any celebrity who would you choose?
Mom: "That's a toughy" I would say Eva Longoria I just thinks she's gorgeous
Gramz: Jennifer Lawrence She looks so well put together.

How has your make up routine changed from when you were younger?
Mom: from wearing blue eye shadow to NEVER wearing blue eye shadow. It all has dwindled down, became more natural. I cringe when I see blue eye shadow now
Gramz: I am actually using make up now and using a brush to put on foundation.

How would you like your grand daughter (Sloane) to look at make up?
Mom: I wish she would never look at make up but if she does, keep it simple. mascara! Gotta have mascara!
Gramz: Sparingly. I would hope she would take care of her skin first or for most. good cleanser and moisturizer. not to look at it like it is going to change her, just enhance what she has.

Any last beauty thoughts you would like to share?
Mom: Make sure you wash your face and put on moisturizer at night!!
Gramz: can't over emphasize the use of sun screen or sun block... no one should be without it anymore!!!

Overall I can see why I am so natural with my make up style, my main influences growing up just aren't that into make up. It's also nice to see what they find important since they have had the time to learn what's important. I will for sure be teaching my daughter a good skin care as soon as possible.

So what are your answers to these questions? Leave your answers below or leave me a link to your blog, I'd love to know what you have to say.

And with that I am off to do a face mask and put on moisturizer!


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