Monday, September 1, 2008

Birthday Gift # 4

Well Friday was my birthday day from Kristin. Our original plan was to hang just the two of us going to the Bellevue Art Museum then a Pic Nic then a craft and movies. It only changed just slightly when we learned that Kristin would have to watch her niece that day. So we decided to watch Sisterhood of the traveling pants. which i think was a better idea then the art museum because i really really really wanted to see that movie and i was convinced that i wasn't going to be able to see it. Then after the movie we headed back to Kristin's house and had a lovely pic nic next to the pool. we let her niece swim in the pool with her clothes on which really made her excited! after that we headed back indoors to bake some peanut butter cookies with Hersey kisses in the middle (this was my one day where i didn't count points but we didn't let ourselves go crazy because we didn't want to gain back the weight we had lost already) anyways it was a fun for us all to make the cookies. While they were baking her niece and i made fun videos of us dancing and that got her dancing for the rest of the day! after the cookies we just hung out till Taylor's mom came and picked her up and then it was our time! We headed to the store to pick up our pizza and snacks for the night. When we arrived back home Kristin reveled to me the craft projects that we had planned. We decorated canvas bags and painted light plate switches. Her bag turned out way better then mine because i lost all my inspiration once my iron on transfers didn't come out like i expected. But my light switch plate turned out pretty great! i painted it with a zebra pattern, my newest obsession! the rest of the night we just hung out and watched random u-tube videos and TV-shows and laughed. it was really great to hang out the two of us. This is what my idea for my birthday present ideas was all about: hanging out with my friends one on one and getting to connect again with each other!

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