Friday, September 12, 2008

Birthday Gift #6

Yesterday i had my day with Linnea and it was so much fun! we mat at her mom's house to make handmade cards! We had done this in the past and loved it was it was a great idea for our day! Let me tell you i was on a roll! in the past i hadn't made the worlds best cards but yesterday i was feeling inspired! i love the cards i made and hanging out with Linnea and her mom was so much fun! Linnea even made banana bread which I've got to tell you i probably ate like a whole loaf! banana bread is my weakness and i haven't had it in years! Afterwards we headed back to her house to drop off my car then we got our nails done! It was so relaxing... just what i needed during this stressful time! it was probably the best foot massage i have ever gotten during a pedicure! Afterwards we headed back to her house to have a yummy dinner then we watched some TV together and i set her up to start a blog like this! It was so much fun and it was really great to be able to hang out with her low and and low stress! I have trouble scheduling time with all the people that are important to me in my life and I'm glad that i have been able to reconnect with her!

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