Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Babysitting bothers

well I started baby sitting a couple days a week before I work at 4. it is a family that I have babysat for, for a while now. I babysat the son jaded at night when the parents wanted to go out then baby Lexi was born and I was her nanny during the summer a year or so ago till she was old enough to go to their day care. the kids are so great and well behaved. the problem I have with this is that the parents are pretty flakey. they have no regular schedule and they are running late most always. but the really really annoying thing happened this morning. I was on my way to babysit this morning and since I just moved I hadn't realized how bad traffic was a 7 in the morning so I called I let her know I was going to be a few minutes late. i'm pretty sure I woke her up with my call but she told me it was fine I would be late so I kept driving. half way there she said she wasn't feeling so great so she was going to go to work late. so I planned to stop by the old apartment to get cleaning done. as I was arriving at the old place I get another call from her saying she isn't going to work at all. so I drove all the way to kirkland in rush hour to turn around and drive right back! I was nice about it this time because she might have been sick but next time i'm not going to be as nice. I like to sleep in too. I don't have the money to waste on gas in traffic! I just want to at least babysit till I make enough spare money to buy our table and a new cd player for my car.

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