Wednesday, September 3, 2008

girls night

well i had a busy busy weekend. Friday of course was my night with Kristin then mat and i went to dinner and a movie on saturday and then we had girls night on sunday! Girls night was so much fun! Kristin planned it so well and i even planned a fun activity for it! She has stations all set up for paticures and manicures and facials! we all brought low fat point friendly foods which really helped us with our diets!we kept to our diets by planning ahead. all three of us ate low point breakfasts and lunches as to save our points for the night. we grabbed a plate and counted the points for each food that went into our mouths and encouraged eachother not to over enduldge! i was just so proud of us b/c in the past we would crunble from our diet when we all got together. But anyways we had a great night making stress balls have a search a work contest whick laura won because she has a process... CHEATER! haha all our nails and toes looks fantasic and our faces were glowing! it was so much fun to have all of use together. we laughed and talked and laughed some more! what more could you really ask for in a girls night?

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