Sunday, September 28, 2008

Daily Life

well nothing too exciting has happened in my life lately. i just have been super busy! Baby sitting has been fun. Thursday and Friday i baby sat. This girl loves to paint! We have gone through all of my paints and paper. I'll have to restock soon. she could paint all day long!

Thursday night after babysitting i rushed out to Tara's house in Seattle to join the girls for girls night out! Man did we have a blast! We all meet at Tara's house because she lives in Seattle so we took a taxi down to pioneer square (no drinking and driving for these ladies!) We went to cowgirls inc. because it was ladies night and Laura REALLY wanted to ride the mechanical bull! We she did and so did i! it was so much fun! i was so determined to not to fall off that i slightly hurt my wrist. it's just a bit soar. the only reason i notice it is because at work i tend to twist my wrist a lot when i am ringing up groceries and such. we had fun and didn't stay out too late because every one's feet were killing them... well everyone but Laura's that is.. she did not want to leave! I can't wait to see the pictures! I'll make sure to post the video of me riding the bull too.. as soon as i get them from Tara and Laura! I had to get up early the next day to baby sit and boy was that a task after a night of drinking but i rolled myself out of bed and by noon i was as good as new! i had to work 4-midnight that night too! boy was a tired when i get home!

Well all that fun times and busy busy stuff has caught up to me because now i have a cold! my whole body is fuzzy and i am just so tired and my throat hurts! i wish i could call in sick to work but i can't so I'll got to work tonight and make the best of it and then have tomorrow off. unfortunately i have a lot to do tomorrow because we have to clean the old apartment still and then i have to clean my new apartment but hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in some time to relax!

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