Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a couple updates

Well it feel like it had been forever since i have written about anything that is really important in my life... i have a couple updates

*first of all i failed my RLD test... this was the test that would lead me into management training at Safeway. It is a pretty general test that is there to access your management skills. I could have gone either way at to the way if felt as if i would pass or not so i wasn't too surprised when i got my failure notice! It is a test that isn't unlikely to fail the first time you take it so i don't feel too stupid for failing. I just would have liked to pass the first time so i wouldn't have to go through it again. But the test had bad timing i would have hated to move on when i wasn't ready and end up feeling over-whelmed. I now have a road map to complete and follow as well as meeting with my manager in able to set up a mentor for me. I hope to learn a lot in the next yr.

*Second is an update on my new job as MEDS coordinator. I basically change over all the ends of the ailes each week for the new Ad that comes out. This job so far had been pretty easy for me and i usually got everything done ahead of schedule and found myself bored... but this week has been an exception! i was so sick yesterday that i only worked four hrs then went home early to sleep all day long and hope to regain my voice. today i came into work and became completely overwhelmed. i was convinced that i wasn't going to finish and that everything was going to be wrong and that i wouldn't have the product for the end! i seriously just wanted to quit.. throw in the towel.. it took all i could to not break down and cry today! But i made it through the day (without a single break might i add) and came home a collapsed! i have a lot to get done by tomorrow but i think I'll be able to handle it.. that is if mat is able to help me a little and get a few things done for me tonight... fingers crossed!

*third... I'm going to Forks again! i know i know so silly but i am going with a group up to Forks for the Twilight DVD release party they are having for Debbie's Birthday party! i should prove to be a good time and i can't wait to come back and post all my pictures! It is so funny because my Twilight page is so popular as a google image search i can't wait to have more pictures for people to look at!

*Fourth.. i have been sick! yeah i know what else is new i seem to always be sick! this is know is due to my lack to stable sleep patterns because i work at 4am three days a week then till midnight two other nights a week. this sickness has caused me to lose my voice which has been pretty odd... i feel like I'm whining all the time.. i swear i am trying to talk normal people!

*Finally... i think that is it.. of course i will continue to think of thing i should blog about but i won't because i am far too tired and ten to not come on the computer much these days... blogging takes far too much brain power!

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