Thursday, March 26, 2009

we are just a little obsessed!

Well i am here to report that Debbie and I a fully and completely obsessed with twilight! It is just too much fun to become complete geeks and even a little bit stockerish!

We went to Forks yet again last Friday for the released party for Twilight! It was so much fun! The town was completely over run by twi-hards! We packed up the mini van we rented with junk food and made our way to forks. Stayed in a hotel that was completely booked! The party was planned to start at 10 am so we headed to the one grocery store to grab some dinner! We ate and had a few drinks and then walked down to the party... it had a line out and around the block. Once 10 came they started letting people in and they reached capacity within 5 minutes so we had to wait in line for people to come out before we could go in... luckily we came prepared and had yummy 'sprite" to make line fun and entertaining! It didn't seem like we waited too long when we finally made it inside! The room was small but they had a DJ and a table full of cookies and snacks. They pulled Debbie up in front of everyone and sang happy birthday to Debbie which was pretty funny because when they announced her name she was 8 years older then the four other people who were having their birthday also! we watch the dancers from the tribe which i thought was pretty amazing but everyone else thought was pretty boring! After that we headed back down stairs to stand in line again so Debbie could buy her copy of the Twilight DVD! this process was a bit disorganized but she made it in and out pretty quick and then we headed back to our hotel! Overall we had a really great night!
The next day we woke up checked out of the hotel and went to breakfast (after being ditched by the 17yr old boys we were so nice to bring with us). After breakfast we headed out to explore the town and see all the twilight hot spots! YES Debbie and i have already seen them all so we acted as tour guides to Kathy and Kristin! it was once again a really nice and sunny day.. we really luck out when we go up there!

So now we are heading to Vancouver this weekend because they are currently filming New Moon up there and we have heard about a bunch of spotting's of the stars! Debbie's big goal is to meet and have an affair with Robert Pattinson! We think we follow him on twitter and it is pretty fun because he has been posting pictures and stuff.. .this morning he went to Denny's for breakfast! to funny...

And for all you people who think we are crazy we do realize that we are likely not going to see them and we have a plan to go shopping and go out to dinner and have drinks so this isn't a completely wasted trip! i promise!

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