Sunday, March 8, 2009

a relaxing weekend!

Well this weekend we ended up not doing a single thing we had planned but did end up doing a thousand other things! Friday night mat was going to have a poker night but it got canceled due to the fact that they didn't have enough guys to play... or at least that is what he said.

Saturday i had plans to take a friends engagement pictures and i was making mat come with me so that we could spend the time together. We woke Saturday morning to a sky full of clouds and the thought of snow in it's way any minute, not the best conditions for water front picture taking. So we were up bright and early Saturday morning completely showered and dressed with no where to go so decided breakfast and a movie were in order! I flipped through the coupon book we bought this year and found a cute little cafe just down the street from out house (The Pea Pod Cafe) with a buy one entree get one free deal! we were so there! Be both ordered omelet's... some of the best we have had in a while.. they also had the best homemade jam on each table so not only did i eat the bagel i had ordered but also half the English muffin mat had ordered and not even touched... i mean hello i couldn't just let it go to waste now could i? After our yummy and extremely filling breakfast for only ten bucks we headed to the Everett movie theater to see Watchmen! We hadn't been to a theater this early in forever.. we made the first showing at 10am! we were thinking we would be the only people in the theater.. little did we know.. we were WRONG! the theater was practically packed! we had to sit in the front half of the theater! craziness at 10am on a Saturday! Over all the movie was really great! i absolutely loved the sound track and the opening credits! pretty much the whole movie was good.... someone on twitter today said the watchmen has "too much back story and not enough action" i have to say that is probably why i liked it so much! After the movie we weren't really sure what else to do... i wasn't really up for anything due to the fact that i froze all through the movie and i knew anything else we would do would be just as cold! so we drove around a little bit exploring roads we hadn't yet in Bothell just to see where they went. Then we spend the night at home i made a yummy dinner and we had a few drinks while we watched two movie... Sex Drive.. which i have to say was pretty funny.. we were laughing out loud and we don't do that very often! then we watched Feast 3 which is the movie that won the first ever project green light. We had watched the show and the first two movies so it was fun to see where the movie had gone... it however wasn't the best movies and we kinda lost interest toward the end!

Today i didn't have any plans and mat had to work so just kinda did whatever came to me... it was really great though cause i got A LOT of things i had been meaning to do done! It started with mat wanting me to help take out the trash which then i emptied all the garbage cans in the whole house he then did the dishes while i made the bed then he folded his laundry while i started mine then i started to fold my laundry when i realized i need to organize my drawers so i took everything out of them and re folded then i decided that i wanted to organize my closet so i changed around how things were hung then looked down at all my messy shoes and HAD to organize them too... while doing all of this i went through all my stuff and got rid of all my old clothes with holes or that i didn't wear and came up with a great pile of things to donate. after my closet was all organized i realized that the drawers of my bedside table were a completely a mess filled with trash so i organized those while doing so i went through some old journal i had in there.. that was an interesting adventure! Finally i took a shower and vacuumed my house and did my hair. Man by the end of all this stuff i felt so good. i just know that my week is going to go by so smoothly because i won't have to worry about a mess!

So i know that this has been an absolute bore to read but i feel like i don't blog much anymore so i figure i should just write about whatever! now you know just how exciting my weekends are for a girl of 24! yeah i know i sound like I'm 45 or something!

If you wanna even more detail of my oh so exciting life come join me on twitter... i update far too often b/c I'm pretty much addicted!

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