Wednesday, March 4, 2009

so reservations

you know I am not constantly a wild and obnoxious girl. I don't do or say things that are embarrassing. I realize that there is a time and place for every behaviour. but when I am drinking with my girls I think we are pretty fun people. we like to have a good time. we enjoy dancing and laughing. now put these girls with a large group of people who have already expressed how they have found the "loudness" and the "crazy behaviour" to be annoying. say these people have band us from attending any activities that they are throwing. how are we to act? I am willing to be in the same room as these openly hateful people. I am willing not to make any drama and in fact I am willing to be nice! but how am I suppost to cut loose and have fun without worrying that these people aren't judging me? what if they're laughter I hear is them laughing at my belligerent behaviour? when a friend laughs at your drunk activities it is funny cause it is out of love. but to be made self conscious surrounded by people who openly despise my behaviour makes me a bit fearful. but I will go and I will try my best to have fun... I just might need a strong drink asap!
sorry this is just something I started thinking today... damn being a girl with all these thoughts and feelings!

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