Monday, February 11, 2013

Mommy Monday; Sloane is 3 months old

To Our Darling Daughter
You are now 3 months old and that means you are no longer a newborn but an infant. You have grown so much in the past month I don't even know where to start listing all of your accomplishments.
You are a drooling machine, as you can see in this picture. We have to put bibs on you daily or else your outfit would be completely soaked immediately.
You have become quite a roll over queen. You started with rolling from your tummy to your back, but quickly was rolling from your back to your tummy. You actually seem to prefer being on your tummy these days and that is usually how I find you, in your crib, in the morning.
That's another big exciting thing that has happened this month, you have started to sleep in your crib. It took a few nights for you to get familiar with all the space but once you did you love rolling around in there.
Now we start the exciting time of watching you become a real mobile baby. Can't wait to see all of your developments.
Love You Lots
Mommy and Daddy

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