Monday, February 18, 2013

Mommy Monday; Sloane's first play date

Almost a year ago Mat reunited with a friend from high school, Travis. We went on a double date on St Patricks Day, which was actually only about a week after found out were we pregnant. we didn't reveal we were pregnant to them however till a couple months later. Believe it or not Travis and his wife were pregnant also!

Sarah and Travis gave birth about three weeks after we did to their darling daughter Delilah (Lilah). We had gotten together once since the babies were born but they were still very young and so had no real interest in being social.

Last night was pretty exciting cause they were both in pretty good moods so we were able to get some cute pictures of the two girls together. I just can't wait until they are old enough to actually play together. I know that they will get Mat and Travis to come to many tea parties in the years to come.

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