Saturday, February 16, 2013

Getting back into shape

When I found out I was pregnant I was actually in the middle of a weight loss competition at my gym. I was working out about 5 times a week or more, and losing weight like a champ! When I found out I was pregnant it was a bit of a shock and so I promptly quit working out cause I was a bit freaked out, then followed morning (all day) sickness then bed rest. Needless to say I went from being in pretty good shape to gaining 30 lbs and a baby!

All through my pregnancy I was so ready to go back to the gym and start dieting again. Little did I know it would be much harder than I imagined. Breast feeding has made it so I basically feel starving all the time. I haven't felt full since I gave birth! I also don't have the best milk supply so I'm worried to restrict my diet and it having an effect of my supply.

It's also been very hard to find time to go to the gym, where I have someone who can watch Sloane. I have been to the gym a few times and each time I go I just feel amazing. I made myself a deal that the days I get off work at 10pm I would go to the gym after. Of course the next week my work decided that they want me to close more often, so I've gone to 4 days of getting off at 10pm to maybe one or two and the rest I get off at midnight!

Now I'm trying not to let this disrupt my motivation but it is amazing how many road blocks I have in my way! I would love to look into getting a jogging stroller so that I could just jog outside with Sloane but right now that just isn't in the budget, plus it is hard when it rains so much here.

I have however signed up for my first 5K after giving birth. It is The Color Run, May 12th in Seattle. It isn't a 5K that you would necessarily use to improve your 5K time, but I think that is perfect for my first time back! I've done a few 5K's in the year before getting pregnant and I absolutely love them! They give me great motivation while working out, a goal to work towards is a nice thing to have.

Now I just need to figure out some way to get my ass into the gym more often, and hopefully this weight will start coming off. I also need to be in shape for once Sloane starts walking cause we know I'll be chasing her around everywhere, and a fat mommy is an exhausted mommy! Plus, I really want to take advantage of the extra calories I burn while breast feeding!

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