Saturday, February 23, 2013

What's in my purse?

I've seen this tag post so many times that I figured I would give it a shot (lets pretend it isn't because I couldn't think of anything else to blog about.) The latest person to do the What's in my Purse is iJustine on YouTube. Now my purse isn't nearly as full or as interesting as hers but I figured I'd do it anyways.

My bag is a classic black and white shoulder strap Coach purse that Mat got for me for my birthday over the summer. I love it cause it is big enough to carry everything around. It also doesn't fall open and spill everything out when I don't close the zipper, which I never do.

Inside I have my fun multicolored Coach wallet that Mat got me for our anniversary. I actually picked this out myself and I just love the colors. I don't know the official name for my purse or wallet cause I'm just not that fashion savvy.

Of course I have my IPhone in my purse, even though if we are completely honest my phone is typically in my pocket or hand.

Fenugreek seed supplements. I keep these in my purse so that I always have them with me when I eat a meal so I can take 2-3. These help with my milk supply which is a constant struggle.

My work keys and manager over ride card. I never take these out of my purse unless I'm at work or I would forget them at home for sure.

Jagermeirter key chain with gym card and house keys.

Post It Note with the dates of upcoming holidays. I typically always have a Post It note in my purse with some tid bit of info on it, I have a terrible memory.

Nailtini nail polish from my first Ipsy bag. It is impossible to paint my nails at home with a nail polish that isn't instant dry so I have this in my purse in hopes to paint my nails while out of the house. Hasn't happened yet.

Work Name tag. Another thing that is always in my purse unless I'm at work or I would forget it.

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange body butter. Also from my first Ipsy bag. I absolutely love this lotion and when I put it on everyone around really enjoys that smell.

Gloves. I don't wear these very often but I keep them in my purse for the nights I get off work and my windows are frozen and I need to scrap them. I figure if I keep them in my purse rather than in my car they won't be freezing when I do want to wear them.

Nature Valley granola bar. I am always hungry so I carry this in my purse if I need a snack.

My car key. I keep this separate from my other keys because I don't like having the all the keys and key chains hanging from my ignition.

Bath and Body Works body lotion in P.S. I love you. I actually put this in my purse before I got the Pacifica lotion and just haven't taken it out.

Playboy lighter. I used to find myself around people that would need a lighter so I kept this in my purse just in case. I don't seem to need this much these days.

Bath and Body Works Berry Scary anti-bacterial hand gel. Cause you just never know what kind of nasty things you get on your hands.

Carmex. This is the only chap stick I trust to fix my dry lips.

Lips Smackers sparkler vanilla frosting lip gloss. I won this at a baby shower, I don't really use it much but I keep it in my purse just in case I have a moment where I need my lips to have a quick sparkle.

Body Fantasies Apple Fantasy body spray. I actually bought this one day when I was at work cause I was meeting Mat for dinner and I didn't want to smell like work. I figure I'd keep it in there, just in case.

Mini Note pad. You never know when I will want to jot down a note.

Moist Towelette. because, you know sometimes you need one.

and finally two nail files for those pesky broken nails.

Wow, when I list it all out it's surprising how much I carry in my purse.
What do you guys have in your purse right now? Comment below or link a blog post and let me know.

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