Monday, February 25, 2013

Mommy Monday: My changing world view

Welcome to another Mommy Monday! It's amazing how my outlook on the world has changed. I remember all the things I said I wouldn't do before having a child. Also I remember how annoying parents and their children were before I had a child and how I said I would never be like them. I have quickly realized that being a parent is a lot about survival and a lot of the things you said you wouldn't do suddenly doesn't seem so bad.

I was at Walgreen's the other night and a little girl was hanging out over by the door leaning and banging on the theft detector. Her father was a little ways away in line. He tried to get her to come back over by him but she was enthralled by whatever was by the door. I though the whole time that the child was adorable and just trying to explore the world. My friend who was with me however thought the child was out of line and that the parent should have controlled the little girl more. My friend said the little girl was banging and leaning on the theft detector so hard she could have broken it. This is when I realized how my views have changed since having a baby. I understand the parents side so much more. If the dad had tried to get the daughter away from the door it most likely would have resulted in a fit, which as parents you try and avoid as much as you can.

Now don't get me wrong I don't think you should ignore teaching your child manners and the correct way to behave but there are some times when you should just let your child have a little freedom to explore while you also get to keep your sanity. Children learn from trial and error, even if it is doing something annoying in public.

I'm also not saying that I think parents should allow there children to run around stores and do whatever they want, I think I just get less annoyed by it now. Especially at work, I remember always thinking people were so horrible if they had their baby cry and they didn't do anything to sooth it. I have learned from my very vocal baby that sometimes they just cry. Well Sloane usually cries when she is tired and the best thing to do for her while in public is to let her cry covered in her car seat otherwise she'd get over stimulated and never fall asleep.

I don't want to cause some debate on the importance of parenting with anyone but I just thought I'd share how my thoughts about the world around me have changed.

If you have kids, did you have changes in your thoughts like this? Also if you don't have kids how do you view parents and kids in public and what would you wish you saw more of? IE: disciplining, containing to carts, leashes?

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