Saturday, February 9, 2013

Me Manifesto

So have you been wondering why I blog. I know some people think it's so weird that I want to write about my life for all to share. There are many reasons why I blog and there are many things I want to accomplish with my blog.

I've always enjoyed writing. Now I'm the first to admit that technically I'm not the very best writer. I am not a good speller and I despise taking the time to proof read (something I am working on) That being said modern spell check has helped me in school and I typically get very good grades in my English classes. In fact in collage a teacher thought I had taken the lesser English class just so that I could be with Mat.  I have always written a journal and I love writing random poems.

I love having a record of my life that I can go back to look at as many times as I wish. Believe it or not I go back into photo albums and scrap books and old blogs so much. It's just so much fun to have something to help you remember the details of your favorite memories. It even helps you remember things you didn't even realize you had forgotten. It seems even more important now that I have Sloane to record our memories. Time is going to go by faster than I even realize and I would be so fun to look back at things that I was thinking about at this time.

I like connecting with people. I enjoy reading other people's blogs but I've noticed that some mommy or beauty blogs talk like they are experts. Now don't get me wrong I need those expert bloggers but I think my blog is more of a way for me to share my discovery of new things and a way to ask questions.

So where do I want to go with my blog you ask? I'm not really sure, but I'd like to see how far I can go. I'd love to be able to get a good amount of readers so that I get my questions answered in the form of comments. I'd also love to be able to host a give away to more people than just my friends and family. I want to connect with people from all over the world! I just admire the blogger community out there. I'd love to go to BlogHer one day, although it seems a bit expensive.

I'm thinking I'll read this book I've heard of called Blog Inc. to see just how far I can take thing blog thing.

So all you bloggers out there, do you have any tips for me?

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